About Us
We raise the bar for well-being and performance at workplaces worldwide.

Our Mission

We are passionate about improving the well-being of your employees by reducing stress rapidly and sustainably through a proven method grounded in psychology and neuroscience. Our commitment is based on the evidence that stress can negatively impact performance, team dynamics, physical and psychological health, and work-life satisfaction.

Our Outcomes

What you can expect from
The Stress Reset

Elevated Performance

We teach a simple Methodology for shifting out of stress and into a physiological state that enhances focus, critical thinking and decision-making, creativity, and learning.

Strengthened Collaboration

Our Methodology provides a common language that enables authentic communication. We foster relationships based in mutual trust, respect, and safety and a encourage a culture of collaboration.

Enhanced Well-Being

We employ evidence-based tools to shift unhealthy thoughts and behaviors and bring emotions into balance.

Our Philosophy

When you put people first,
results follow

“Our team uses this work every day, multiple times a day.”

“Stress is no longer something I suffer from, it’s something I manage. My relationships with colleagues and clients have improved and I’m more present and engaged at work.”
– Angela, Stress Reset Client
Meet Our Team
Isabelle Tierney

Chief Executive Officer

Philip Nicholas

Chief Creative Officer

Hannah Schroeder

Chief Operations Officer

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