Success Stories
Countless lives have been changed by The Stress Reset.

“The Stress Reset Program was game-changing. I notice a significant difference in the way I work.”

When I’m stressed, I’m not productive. I get flustered and my mind shuts down. Now, I no longer remain stressed. My brain is functioning better and I’m more productive on a daily basis.
– Lindsay, Stress Reset Client

“My stress level is now within my control. I’m able to lower it quickly. The Stress Reset teaches skills that are invaluable for individuals, teams, and companies.”

– John, Stress Reset Client

“I’ve learned how to stop ruminating on thoughts that aren’t helpful or productive at work.”

I’m now able to dismiss those thoughts from my mind, let them go, and move on with more energy.
– Will, Stress Reset Client

“We now have a common language that will help us to communicate more effectively and avoid a lot of unnecessary conflict.”

– David, Stress Reset Client

“I have always been both self-aware and honest with myself, but The Stress Reset has amplified these qualities.”

I am more aware of where my emotions are and am able to down-shift them such that they no longer interfere with my work.
– Sarah, Stress Reset Client

“I have so many tools at my disposal. I deal with stressful moments throughout the day. To be able to approach those moments with concrete tools is life-changing.”

– Michael, Stress Reset Client

“I looked forward to our Stress Reset calls every week. I highly recommend this program for everyone in our company.”

Working from home, I find it hard to bond with my coworkers. This experience has allowed me to feel closer to my team. I learned so much from this 6-week program that has benefited me in both my professional and personal life.
– Jen, Stress Reset Client

“I have gained more self-awareness of my emotions and stress levels thanks to this program. I am noticing that I have more patience and can complete more work in a calmer manner.”

– Melissa, Stress Reset Client

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